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Three Reasons for You to Be A Guest on Radio and Podcasts

August 27, 2019

A guest interview on a local or even national radio show has long been great publicity for an entrepreneur.  Being able to appear on a radio show that is also a podcast can be engaging new part of  of your marketing strategy to build brand awareness, strengthen your network and increase your bottom line. 


Radio and Podcasts offer a platform to build brands by communicating messages in alignment

with your individual business philosophies.

A guest interview with Saunders and Cash can change the conversation happening in a specific industry by positioning  you, the the guest interview  as an expert.  


As brand dollars shift from traditional radio to digital media buying, columnist Kevin Lee explains how, just like in the early days of paid search, online audio is providing big opportunities for marketers.


Here are three reasons for being a guest on radio and/or a podcast:


1. An engaged listener leads to a loyal customer. Being a guest on radio and a podcast opens up possibilities for your customers to feel closer to you and your business. They develop a more personal relationship with you and are more likely to want to do business as a result.


Radio and Podcasting together can open up a line of communication between you and your target market. You are able to speak directly to customer service issues, offer behind the scenes insights and build stronger relationships with those who are doing business with you as a result of  being a guest on a radio show and/or a podcast like the programing offered by Saunders and Cash. Our purpose is to tell success stories about entrepreneurs and technology start-ups.  This is a perfect way to get your story out your audience and build brand awareness. 


Edison research released an interesting report stating that 67 million Americans listened to at least one podcast a month. These podcast listeners are often difficult to reach through other forms of media.

2. Radio and Podcasting creates a digital marketing content hub. Crafting original content can be taxing on resources and takes time yet is vital to a robust marketing campaign.  A guest interview means that much of that content creation is taken care of for you.  With every guest, we provide coverage on social media about your radio interview and highlight your interview on podcast, via show notes, blog posts, our featured guest page on our website and a quick article in our newsletter. 


You can parlay your radio podcast appearance into a comprehensive strategy by doing a few simple tasks. Start with recording the episode and having that episode transcribed. Then repurpose the content into social media posts of your own, email newsletters, blogs, adding links on your website or content for an e-book.


3. Podcasting brings you step closer to being a published author. 
Your guest interview can be a head start on an article or book by generating  a transcript of the interview from the podcast. An edited transcription can be the foundation for an article or the future chapters of a bestseller.


Business owners and marketing departments have long recognized the value of radio interviews as great publicity.  They are now beginning to allocate monies for podcasts out of their marketing and sales budgets since they are being used as a business development tool.   At Saunders and Cash we can help with the development of a podcast, help arrange bookings on other podcasts and radio shows or even produce podcasts for you. 



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