Desiree Palmer

Sept  28 , 2019

Desiree is an author and business owner focused on creating wellness and beauty through Energy Medicine and Technology. She loves to mentor other young entrepreneurs who are bringing new energy methods to our area.  

She grew up in Wichita, completing her Bachelors in Operations Management and her Master’s in Business Law. She spent 30 years in the corporate world with success and finally found the courage to venture out on her own and start her energy healing business. This business expanded a year later to include holistic beauty treatments.

She began her path toward energy healing after being given a diagnosis that was essentially a death sentence. Not willing to lay down and die, she determined to find out how the human body can heal itself.


After helping herself, she knew she would be able to help others feel better as well. Now she has dedicated her business to do just that.

Her first publication was a small trade non-fiction, 
The Human Customer Experience   and the Not So Secret Formula. One of her most successful books, likely because you can read it in about an hour and it helps small businesses understand how to scale a customer life cycle program.


She also wrote her first in a fiction series, Made Of Stone. Her latest publication, Energy Evolution: The Flowering of Human Consciousness is a non-fiction just released in August of 2019. All of her titles are available in Paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats through Amazon. She has even inspired her youngest daughter to start writing, her first published book, Bamboo Pandas Amazing Adventures and the accompanying activity book was published on her 9th birthday.      

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