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Real Estate Investor Sees Growth With Espresso Coffee

A local real estate investor has expanded his business ventures by reinvigorating formerly popular espresso coffee cafe to be a neighborhood destination.

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Daniel Mariotti started in real estate but saw an opportunity to expand his business opportunities by taking over a well-established coffee café that had been in decline due to the owner having moved out of the area and not able to manage the café. With the improvements, he has seen tremulous growth by improving customer service, the product and the décor while rebuilding a loyal customer base.

Joins us and listen to his story of entrepreneurship. He moved to Wichita from Southern California and his family started out on seven acres of land, raising animals and a garden much like the TV show Green Acres. He attended college and took a corporate job on the east coast before realizing he wanted an different opportunity for his family and returned to Wichita to work with in real estate, partnering with his father.

He attended college at College of the Ozarks, as known as Hard Work U. The entire campus is run by the students, all working about 15 hours a week and resulted in no student debt but also a work ethic. As Daniel said “It instills the responsible of having to balancing life, work and school”.

He grew up with a family of entrepreneurs, so this is something he has always wanted to do and it comes from hard work, honesty and integrity. He got established in the real estate business partnering with his father, buying distressed properties and estate properties, fixing them up and retaining about one in ten as rentals, reselling the rest.

What has changed in Wichita is a more positive business environment than a few years ago. But with the availability of cheap money and investor interest the real estate market may have peaked. With the Wichita real estate market, price swings does not occur as much compared to other markets.

As a regular customer, Daniel saw that the II Primo Expresso Café had been in decline and saw an opportunity to take over and refresh the product line, the café and improve customer service.

He brought back the business with better customer service, improved décor and better food options. He also recently opened a coffee and café in a downtown office building. And the customers at the office building have really responded. That response have been built around preparing everything fresh every time, something the people in the building has really appreciated.

II Primo is just one part of a growing coffee scene in the Wichita area all built around what each neighborhood seems to want.

This is just one of the many success stories about entrepreneurship we have been able to share with our audience.

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