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NXTUS Launches NXTSTAGE Pilot Competition

NXTUS, connector of entrepreneurs to resources and capital, adds regional innovation and talent initiative

Josh Oeding, joined e2e a year ago, realizing the accelerator program needed to be refreshed and refocused to really propel startups to the growth they need. To reflect this future-oriented vision, the e2e Accelerator has a new name, NXTUS; an updated visual identity; and a major new program, the NXTSTAGE Pilot Competition.

But NXTUS is more than merely a new name, with limited resources to get things done, the Wichita Community Foundation is supporting the new organization with a $250,000 grant from the Talent Ecosystem Fund.

"To support founders and the young, growing companies the have started, NXTUS serves as a nexus, fostering connections between entrepreneurs, investors, corporate partners and the community at large.” said Josh Oeding, NXTUS President and CEO.

To kick things off, NXTUS's is launching the NXTSTAGE Pilot Competition, aimed at propelling startups that have gotten off the ground, by connecting them to mature businesses and regional partners looking to become customers for their innovations. To enter the competition, a company must have deployable products currently in the market. The program will facilitate engagement between corporate partners and startups and end with an innovation showcase in the spring. Applications for the competition are accepted online at

The really interesting part of this program it is designed to encourage entrepreneurs to bring their business offering to the Wichita area for further growth and development.

“NXTSTAGE is designed to boost the pace of technological transformation here and convey to startups far and wide that we are a market where innovative thinkers and young companies can thrive,” said Mary Beth Jarvis, NXTUS Executive Director. “We want to position Wichita as the ‘Pilot Capital of the World,’ where entrepreneurs can succeed by proving out their offerings in our region.”

If a company is selected to participate in NXTSTAGE, they can present their solutions to local industry partners with paid trips to Wichita.

While in Wichita, they will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with decision makers, interact with innovation teams inside partner organizations, and get to know the community better. This unique initiative was made possible by a grant from the Wichita Community Foundation’s Talent Ecosystem Fund.

“The intersection of local, forward-thinking companies and young, innovative tech providers from potentially around the globe aligns with our goal of addressing workforce issues and talent development in a way our community hasn’t seen done before” according to Courtney Bengtson, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Wichita Community Foundation.

The pilot competition is open to startups around the world that have deployment- ready technologies. If you are young company in these focus areas: FinTech, Advanced Manufacturing or Community Health then you should be getting your application in and be ready to grow with the assistance of this program.

NXTSTAGE is designed for corporations and startups to get the best out of each other. Regional partners supporting NXTSTAGE can take an innovation leap ahead by collaborating with startups offering new ways of thinking and operating.

Innovation has the power to transform economic growth by nurturing connections between young, start up companies with the Wichita regions businesses to create solutions in new and executing ways. This change can tangibly improve the vitality of rural, urban and suburban populations.

Applications for the competition are accepted online at


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