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Can You Be a Guest on More Podcast? Yes You Can

Any idea how many Americans have listened to a podcast?

By some estimates at Edison Research about 112 million Americans have listened to a podcast at least once. And out of those 112 million, about 42 million listen to a podcast every week. (And that’s just in the USA.). Currently there are more than 700,000 podcasts and the numbers are growing every day.

It’s why podcasts are perfect for getting in front of a new audience and scoring new opportunities to connect with potential customers.

It might not be obvious, but podcasts often have problems finding awesome guests. There are now more podcasts that potential great guests. Every podcast wants the best guests they can get their hands on. But most people don’t pitch themselves well enough.

There are plenty of people who have the credentials to get a spot on a podcast, but they don’t go about it the right way. As a podcast producer and host, I know that every podcast is looking for people with an inspiring story. That’s every podcast’s dream guest. Could you be that dream guest?

You don’t have to be a superstar to get interviewed on a podcast.

Some of the best podcast episodes on Saunders and Cash come from people from small businesses or innovators who aren’t millionaires (yet).

Being featured as a guest on a podcast has huge benefits. Just make sure the podcast host includes links to your website in the show notes in order to get you a SEO boost. You can may get hundred of visitors a day from being on the right podcasts.

Being a guest on a radio show and or podcast can increases your authority. If you’ve been on a radio show or podcast people like, you are seen as an expert in your niche.

This means if you are an author or inspire to be one, being on the right podcasts will boost sales. Or if you are a paid professional speaker, more people will be aware of the topics you speak on and perceive your expertise as valuable.

Great stories and great podcasts go hand in hand. Podcast listeners want to listen to podcasts that are exciting and make them feel good or inspired. That’s why at Saunders and Cash we seek out inspiring stories about entrepreneurs and technology founders.

Would you like to learn how to be on more podcasts?

Anyone can be on a podcast, with the right pitch and a bit of research. Here’s how.

First you need a great story.

You don’t need a lot of experience to get featured on a podcast. Podcasts are looking for people who have been successful and built something amazing. In business that often means going from a bootstrapped idea (rags) to a profitable company (riches). If you can tell a story about bootstrapping your business (77% of businesses are bootstrapped with personal savings), you can be a great guest on a podcast. But that’s just one example.

Next you need a clear hook, something that grabs the listener’s attention.

You don’t need a business that makes six figures a month. There are many podcasts that feature entrepreneurs with an inspiring story, so refine your hook and get busy booking yourself on podcasts.

You need a great pitch, personalized, not canned.

It’s that first sentence that sells. For example, one of our guest, Desiree Palmer could start a pitch as: “Desiree, nearly died, before changing her life and starting a business, becoming an author and successful entrepreneur.”

You want to keep reading based on that sentence alone. Why does this work so well, you ask? The answer has to do with emotion.

You might be wondering if you have an interesting story to tell. Trust me, you do. At some point in your life, you were inspired to go out and do something. You might have started by failing, there is a lesson and a story in that. You might have gone on to win and be successful, or changed directions and tried something else. There is a story there as well.

Once you have your story and slant, you need to find podcasts and successfully pitch them.

Finding podcasts

Start with what is possible, the up and coming shows. The really big shows will be possible once you are an established guest interview. What’s possible now is great podcasts that are looking for great guest. There are several podcast directories that have a host of podcasts, and it’s easy to search these. Or you can use a podcast booking service to do the work for you.

If you go it alone start by looking at podcast sites like the Apple Podcasts. There is likely several podcasts in the niche you want. Sites like Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn are also hotspots for podcasts.

The New and Noteworthy section in Apple Podcast is especially promising for finding podcasts. Once you find podcast in this section, do some research on Google. Learn a bit about the podcast hosts by checking out their websites.

Here’s where you want to get focused.

Searching for podcasts with general terms like “business” or “technology” will only show insanely popular podcasts. Try a narrow search term like “tech startup.” If you search that on a podcasting site, you’ll get much more specific results.

Now, narrow the list down to 10 top podcasts that you think you could bring value to.

If you can do something outstanding for a podcast, like bringing actionable advice to their listeners you can almost guarantee a feature.

But pick a podcast that will do more than simply host you a guest on their show. At Saunders and Cash for example, we first interview our guest for our radio show and promote that on all of social media channels. After the radio show is live, we release a podcast and again promote the release on social media. We include detailed show notes in the podcast and then use those to write a blog post for our website.

Other podcasts might also include releasing the podcast to YouTube or do a Live event on Facebook live or other live video services.

Create an awesome pitch

As a podcast producer and host, I get dozens of emails with a pitch to be a guest every week. Obviously, we can’t interview everyone. And most pitches are really weak.

But you can make a great pitch, once you know how. Here’s how:

Step 1: Find out if the podcast accepts interview submissions.

When we started out, we only interviewed people via personal connections. But for most podcasts, you just need to find the producer’s or host’s email and contact them with a personalized pitch.

Step 2: Create your pitch. To stand out, you’ll need an awesome subject line and a message that’s persuasive. A good pitch is the difference between acceptance and rejection. Make sure to personalize every request. Podcast hosts (and pretty much everyone) can see a canned response from a mile away. So you want to customize every request you send.

However, you can use a template to cut down on the time you have to spend.

For example:

Subject line: [Name], do you have a moment?

Hi [Name],

I know you must get many interview requests for [name of podcast] every day.

I just need 30 seconds of your time to finish reading this email.

I’m an entrepreneur and an a fan of [name of podcast]. I have a unique offer for your listeners.

[Write a 1-2 sentence summary of your story here]

I want to give your readers a ton of awesome knowledge that they can go out and use. I know what your audience likes, and I want to give it to them!

So what do you say?

[Your name]

Take this template and fill in the blanks, edit it to sound more like you, and you’ve got an awesome interview request. If you really want to stand out, put more effort into your pitch than everybody else. That’s how you can get on popular podcasts.

Include a headshot and a media sheet that highlights the content and questions you would like to include in the interview.

Step 3: Seal the deal.

If all goes well, you’ll hear back from the host and schedule a time for the interview. Whatever you do, don’t treat the podcast like an ad. Use it to deliver all that value that you promised in your pitch. And make sure you are prepared by securing a quiet spot, away from noise and distractions. It always works best to use a microphone or land lane, rather a cell phone.


If you reading this right now, I know you have a story to tell and something valuable advice give away. Give these techniques a try, and you could be the next guest on a hot podcast. And feel free to submit your information to Saunders and Cash if you are either an entrepreneur or technology founder. Just drop an email to

What’s your plan for getting featured on a podcast?


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