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Callcap May Just be the "Apple" of Wichita

We may have found the “Apple” of Wichita, as we discovered in our interview with Reid Hansen and Margie Crawford of Callcap, a company that started in the founder's garage. Catch the podcast on Spotify.

It has now grown into a nationwide firm providing call tracking and rating services for any company that needs to track all of their customer service calls, from scheduling appointments to handling any sort of customer service call.

This Wichita based technology company started with a simple rating service for inbound calls to insure that business calls were properly handled per the business expectations. It has grown into a company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve how customer calls are responded to, with a goal of continuously improving the quality of calls for both inbound and outbound marketing programs.On average a business will lose or mishandle 18% of their calls, often with an auto-attendant service.

Advances in the way calls are tracked and rated for mishandled calls or calls not responded to make it easier to reduce that error rate and increase revenue.

Companies that use conversation analytics see an increase in ROI because calls are better managed and customers don't drop calls or leave unable to get their questions answered.Read more about conversation analytics in our blog article.For example in the health care industry, the rate for dropped calls for inbound calls is15%. If the services provided by Callcap can reduce the rate of dropped calls then a business sees higher levels of customer satisfaction, higher sales and better revenues. Learn more about their customers say in their reviews.

For Callcap, tracking what marketing efforts generated responses, and how calls lead to appropriate responses is essential to how they improve call responses. The tracking and analytics details provide opportunities to identify any weakness or need for additional training.And now with their merger with Marchex, they have more ability to use artificial intelligence to improve the call servicing within a customer services.With AI data, it is possible to identify a caller’s intent, based on the callers words used in a call. For example does a caller want to book an appointment or have a problem solved? AI can help to identify that intent better that an auto responder system.

Our interview included Reid Hansen and Margie Crawford.

Reid Hansen is the director of technology and innovation at Callcap. Reid has spent many years in the Wichita technology scene working with startups and established businesses alike. Reid has made it his mission to help businesses he is a part of as well as his clients and customers solve complex, vital business problems.

Margie Crawford has had an extensive career in sales and her success may be attributed to listening and solving problems. I have a natural curiosity to uncover customer challenges and identify a strategic business solution. Through my latest endeavor with Callcap, I now have access to tools which improve ROI, marketing effectiveness and staff performance. Following Callcap's acquisition with Marchex, we now have the largest set of business conversation data in the market.

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