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A Talent for Organizing Spaces Becomes a Business

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Professional organizer Rachel Murphy joins us in the interview on Saunders and Cash to talk about her experiences starting a business to help people de-clutter their homes, offices and work spaces.

In just a few short years Rachel helped over 150 people and has worked with clients who want a simple redo of their closet all the way to a complete redesign of their home or garage. She hasalso help hoarders overcome the challenges they face by dealing with the psychology of hoarders which often includes holding on to a deep seated underlying trauma. Rachel helps clients find what really serves them well and makes it much easier to maintain an organized life.

Her solutions are custom, as there is no one size fits all solution to having an organized life. Her clients often feel overwhelmed by the clutter in their life or even their workspaces.

Rachel is about to launch her own podcast on the topic of simplifying your life, which is also the business also her business. In the second half of the interview, we talk about the common junk drawer and the fact that everyone has one, but it seems useful to keep even the junk drawer organized.

Rachel decided to start a business to help support her family members after working in real estate as an assistant who helped stage and de-clutter homes for sale. By taking care of the clutter in a home, many of her customers are able to complete a sale much faster, One reason Rachel decided to be self-employed is so she has more control over her time and income.

One thing that she has learned from being an entrepreneur is learning to overcome fears of things like public speaking and is now also has a successful speaking career and is about to launch both her own radio show and podcast.

One thing that she has learned along the way was not to just trust everyone, good to do your research on the people you might want to enter into business arrangements with and along way has meet some amazing entrepreneurs. We love capturing quotes from our guests and here is Rachel's: “Entrepreneurs go where other people don't and we do what other people don’t.”

She has learned to barter for services and skills that she does not do well, exchanging organizing talents for things like building a website. She participates in One Million Cups but finds most of her clients by word of month.

Thinking Big The Magic by David J. Schwartz of is one of favor books. Rachel offers a special printable handout from her website that is a 15 minute day exercise to help you de-clutter your home. SimplifyMyLifeICT.comor on Facebook at SimplyMyLifeICT.

All of her speaking engagements have also been on a referral basis as well

Her podcast will be Jump, Pivot and Roll. Look for it soon. This will be co-hosted by Shannon Stiles who is also the host of Successful Living, locally on KQAM 1480 AM and 102.5 FM.

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