• Floyd Saunders

Technology Jobs in Kansas

A new report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on employment has some positive news for IT workers in the U.S. and especially Kansas.

The August job numbers shows the United States didn’t add as many jobs as predicted, but jobs, in the technology sector are doing just fine., the technology council for Kansas is sponsoring a conference on Oct. 18th to promote the growing technology sector in Kansas. The ICTechXpo 2019 will be held at WSU South. Details

The jobs reports, for “computer systems design and related fields” designation gained 10,200 jobs in August. The entire “professional and technical services” field, gained 14,800 jobs.

Overall, analysts expected 160,000 new jobs in August 2019, while we got 130,000. The unemployment rate stayed at just 3.7 percent, considered full employment by some economists.

The unemployment rate for IT professionals is at 1.5 percent, up slightly from its historic low of 1.3 percent last month. Job losses in tech came mostly from telecommunications and data processing, hosting, and related services positions.

Beyond the net new jobs created, tech positions pay substantially higher wages on average, offer more career on-ramps for candidates, and more opportunities for advancement.

In Kansas technology jobs remain the fastest growing segment. What we seeing now is a real prospect of shortages in available workers for open positions. With firms seeking to grow in areas like the Internet of Things, robotic process automation or artificial intelligence may be inhibited by a lack of workers with these advanced skills, other areas affected include technology infrastructure and cybersecurity jobs. This is also true for most of Kansas as state labor officials are worried about how find employees in high-demand careers like IT and health care.

If you need job training, several local colleges and universities have programs you might be interested in. WSU Tech for example has a program in Information Technology Systems. The coursework provides the knowledge and skills necessary to complete Certifications in Computer Technology A+, Networking Technology N+ and Information Technology Security S+.These certifications are often considered a good starting point for a career in IT.

Kansas’s monthly economic report for August of 2019, showed Kansas created 14,000 jobs in the last year, and unemployment is 3.3%. The state’s total labor force dropped from a high of 1.521 million in 2009 to 1.479 million in July.

Kansas Labor Secretary Delía García says the state needs to work closely with education and business groups to train workers for the right jobs and support economic development programs to attract workers to Kansas.


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