• Floyd Saunders

10 Ways to Raise Startup Capital with a Side Hustle

To help you find an online side-hustle that might work for you get the details over at Mantra. here is the short list:

1. Drop shipping e-commerce website

E-commerce opportunities have a demand combined with high margins. There are also several e-commerce platforms that can be set up and launched within minutes, allowing you to get started almost instantly. Most platforms also have trials, like Shopify for example, offering a free 14-day trial. With a good product, high margins and a means to market, you can bring in revenue before your trial ends.

2. Freelance graphic designer

If you are a skilled graphics designer and have experience working with Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, then there are countless jobs and gigs available from online sites like fiverr. Plus this often a job that you can do outside of normal business hours and from home. Your billing rates correlates with your skill level, so those with extensive graphic design experience can quickly generate startup capital fairly quickly.

3. Virtual assistant, marketing, HR and Finance

As businesses convert to a remote business model, it continues to create a demand for qualified virtual assistants, marketing departments and functions like HR and finance to handle a wide range of duties and responsibilities. Find opportunities at sites like Legit. or go with the RSM Marketing who specialized in "Outsourced Marketing".

4. Website and app development

While the demand for qualified programmers and developers is extremely high these days, it is a very common skill set these days, so it is difficult to stand out.

Programmers and developers currently working for a company that want to start their own business can easily do side work at home and build up the required capital to start their own business. Companies in the Wichita market that hire for this skill set include companies like SmashDevShop and The Flint Hills Group.

5. Niche-focused blog

If you are expert on a particular topic that is fairly popular, then a blog can be a profitable side-hustle over time. The key to building a blog is a loyal audience and strong traffic before you can think about monetizing your blog. Once you have that, then you can introduce ads or offer sponsored content opportunities. If you are new to this, try theblogstarter for advice.

6. SEO (search engine optimization) consultant

Search engine optimization or SEO is a complete mystery to most business owners, so those that can both educate as well as perform the service, can create a nice side income. One place to get started with this is at UpWork.

7. Freelance content writer

Every website has a demand for quality content and an even higher demand for extremely talented writers. If you are interested in writing about a very specific topic identify websites and blogs you would enjoy creating content for and reaching out to them, offering your service. One way to start is to get registered at online job sites like freelancer.

8. Social media marketing consultant

You are most likely not an expert on social media to be successful with this must have skill, the next best thing to do is hire an expert. Social media marketing is a must-do and not every business owner is up to speed on the latest platforms and marketing strategies. Locally, in Wichita our go to experts are at DepICT Media.

So bring in experts to audit your social efforts and map out plans to be successful with social media. If you have a talent for this, it's something you can start doing on the side and build your business over time.

9. Affiliate marketing

If you have access to a large audience, either through an existing network of connections, a blog, email list or a large social media following, then affiliate marketing is something you might be able to generate a bit of income on the side.

You need to have influence if you are going to be successful in the affiliate marketing space. The website OfferVault is a good free resource to find available affiliate offers.

10. Flipper on eBay and Facebook Marketplace

Let's say you go to garage sales, flea markets and estate sales and have an eye for what to buy at a sharp discount, then you sell for a profit on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Can you turn a profit? It's anybody guess, but realize this can be an easy way to generate a side income, and you can get started with little or no money if you really hustle. If you want some inspiration, check out entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s thoughts on garage sales.


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