Can a Podcast Help Promote and Market Your Brand?

The obvious answer yes.  
At Saunders and Cash we are devoted to telling success stories of entrepreneurs and technology leaders, locally in Wichita, Kansas and now across the Midwest and the United States.  When you are a guest on Saunders and Cash, you are able to tell your story your way.

  • Talk about your background, the challenges you had to overcome and how you have become successful.

  • Talk about where you plan to take your business in the future. This is a quick and effective marketing message.

  • Share your guest appearance with customers, friends and family.

  • Create posts on social media asking friends to listen, download, subscribe, and most importantly rate and review the podcast.

  • A guest appearance is a limited investment of your time with a long trail return. You can point to your podcast interview for months even years, sharing the link to your podcast as part of your elevator story for example. 

  • These days promoting your brand include podcasts, social
    media and video as part of your marketing and promotional strategies.

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We support: 

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Listen to the Podcast

We are now saving our radio show interviews as podcast episodes on

The podcast is now available on all of the popular directories, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and TuneIn.  We are adding the podcast to other directories as well, so you should be able to find the podcast everywhere you listen to podcasts. 

Want to tell your story to Wichita and the world? Then be a guest on our show as we help you tell the world your success story and or the launch of your business or product.

  • An appearance on our radio show is recorded in advance, so you have control over
    the content.


  • We edit every show to make sure you sound great. 

  • Only after the show has been edited and aired on the radio station locally is it released to the podcast. You get your brand name presented to a local audience and promotion on social media in advance of both the radio show and the podcast. It’s great exposure for your business and can create a positive buzz.

  • We promote all of our guests on various social media channels in advance of the show airing with photos and in the near future video. Once the show is live on our radio we then promote the release of the podcast.

To get scheduled for an interview, just use the contact form from the menu bar or drop us an email at  We will get in touch as soon as possible if you are fit for our show. 

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