June 2019 Guest Interviews 

Jay Miller, President of Wichita Baseball on the Business Side of Baseball

June 1 , 2019

We are talking baseball with the new president of Wichita Baseball, Jay Miller. If you like baseball stories, Jay has so many stories about his years in baseball to share and we get some insights into the new triple A baseball team and stadium coming to Wichita in 2020. Download the Podcast. and  Learn More

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Ben Davis

Fair Market Health

June22, 2019

Ben Davis the Chief Operating Officer of Fair Market Health joined us to talk about this exciting new concept for reducing the cost of health care.

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Mickey Parker, CPA 

401K/IRA Business Financing

June 29, 2019

Mickey Parker, CPA and founder of Pension Transfer Advisors, a retirement plan consulting firm specializing in small business pension plans for clients across the nation.  Joins us to talk about an alternative way to fund a new business using funds from an IRA or 401K. 

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Dan Shurtz

Culture Print

June 8, 2019

We had Dan Shurtz of The Culture Print™ join us on Saunders and Cash to talk the importance of managing your culture to get the most value out of your organization's most important asset, its people.  Just like every person is born with a unique fingerprint that identifies who they are, every organization is born with a unique Culture Print that identifies who it is.

Your organization's ability to identify, articulate, develop, and reproduce its Culture Print helps determines how successful it will be. Dan explains how he helps organizations through the journey of discovery, declaration, and demonstration of your Culture, putting you on the right track to achieve your maximum potential.

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Tina Dao

FitBit Executive Back Home

June 15, 2019

We join Tina Dao the Chief of Staff of Fit Bit to talk about her experiences as a women executive in technology and how to create opportunities for now just women, but creating inclusive diverse teams of highly productive people. Download the Podcast. and  Learn More

Jocelyn Galicia


June 22, 2019

Joycelyn Galicia the founder and CEO of 2UAuto talks about the pivot she made in her business model to better respond to the demands of the market she is serving and plans to expand. 

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Jim Vicent

HealthInfo TV

June 29, 2019

We had Jim Vicent, the CEO of HealthInfo TV talk about how he acquired the business and the plans he has in place to shift the marketing and expand the product to new markets. 

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