January 2019 Guest Interviews

Miguel Johns
KingFit Preventative Health

January 26, 2019

Miguel Johns went from football and personal fitness to developing a wellness app that he hopes will benefit millions of Americans. As the CEO and co-founder of KingFit Preventative Health, he is building a global company focused on health education right here in Wichita. KingFit, is designed to be used by health and fitness professionals and the people they work with, with a special emphasis on diabetes educators. The idea is that a hospital that employs a diabetes educator will subscribe to the app, which the educator and diabetes patients can then use. Learn more on LinkedIn

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Jake Wayman
Jake Wayman Consulting

January 12, 2019

Jake Wayman of Wayman Consulting Group is an innovative strategist with a passion for team collaboration and strategic planning to surpass goals. Among his many activities he was the co-founder of the ShiftICT conferences in Wichita and is active as the Chapter Director of the Startup Grind, featuring monthly events with successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share the lessons they have learned along the way.

Jake was also a previous director of the e2e Accelerator and is active on several local boards and is an active Rotarian.  Learn more on LinkedIn    

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Connie Porazka
Retreat to Joy

January 19, 2019

Connie Porazka is the founder of  Retreat to Joy a Wichita based entrepreneur focused on making Mindfulness an integral part of corporations, individuals and community. Connie is an  entrepreneur creating events, retreats and workshops all based in mindfulness. My goal is to generate greater wellness in Wichita and beyond and T\to help empower people to participate in their own health, their own lives. Her programs reduce stress while increasing joy, creativity, innovation, decision making and team work.  Learn more on LinkedIn.

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