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If you would like to be a guest on our show, just use the contact form to reach out to us.  We talk with entrepreneurs about their business success stories and the challenges of starting, growing and managing a business. 

Daniel White and Bryan Hanning

Daniel White assists organizations with their organizational development needs, including strategic and operational planning, leadership development and succession planning efforts.  Learn more about Daniel. 

Bryan Hanning is known for his collaborative approach, and his deep knowledge of estate planning, risk management, and tax efficient strategies. Bryan is a member of the Planned Giving Council at Wichita State University. He is a former member of an advisory council to the National Christian Foundation. He is a Certified Family Business Specialist and has been a part of a family wealth-counseling program for almost two decades.  Learn more about Bryan.

Learn more about business succession planning  with Daniel and Bryan  

Flagship Kansas

TJ Fervert of CallCap and Dave Cunningham of Flint Hills Group are two of the  FlagshipKansas.Tech  board members joining us in the interview on March 16th. The new organization plans to help tech companies grow by making the technology companies more visible in Kansas. The group also has goals to attract tech talent to Kansas and retain talent already here.

Several Wichita tech companies are among the founding members of Flagship Kansas.Tech, including NetApp, Flint Hills Group, PK Technology, High Touch Technologies, Netability, Cornerstone Data, CallCap and Keycentrix.  


Learn more about this exciting new technology group in our interview with Dave and TJ on March 30th @ 1 PM CT on KSUN 95.9.

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