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Three Reasons to Be A Guest

On Saunders and Cash

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Extracted from a Forbes article by Kate Harrison,  Sept. 30, 2018

The Radio and podcast markets can be an engaging aspect of your marketing strategy to build brand awareness, strengthen your network and increase your bottom line.  “Podcasts and radio interviews offer a platform to build brands by communicating messages in alignment with individual business philosophies,” according to podcast expert Tracy Long DeForge. "They can change the conversation happening in a specific industry by positioning the guests as an expert".  


Here are three reasons for being a guest on a Saunders and Cash:

  1. An engaged listener leads to a loyal customer. Being a guest on a radio show and podcast opens up possibilities for your customers to feel closer to you and your business. They develop a more personal relationship with you and are more likely to want to do business as a result.

    Radio and Podcasting can open up a line of communication between you and your target market. Get feedback, speak directly to customer service issues, offer behind the scenes insights and build stronger relationships with those who are doing business with you are all possible on a podcast. 


  2. Radio and Podcasting creates a digital marketing content hub. Crafting original content can be taxing on resources and takes time yet is vital to a robust marketing campaign.

    You can parlay your radio and podcast interview content into a comprehensive strategy by doing a few simple tasks. Start with recording the episode and having that episode transcribed. Repurpose the content into social media posts, email newsletters, blogs or e-book content.


  3. Radio interviews and podcasting brings you step closer to being a published author. 
    Get a head start on an article or book by generating the content through a radio and podcast interview.  An edited transcription can be the foundation for the future chapters of a bestseller.

To be a guest on our show, simply send us an email at  Let us know what your business is all about, perhaps add a bio and a photo of yourself, if available.  We are able to schedule most interviews for our studios in Wichita, KS, but if you are out of the area, we will arrange a phone interview.  You can also use the contact form in menu bar to reach us. 


Business owners and marketing departments are beginning to allocate monies for podcasts out of their marketing and sales budgets since they are being used as a business development tool. 

Being a guest is just a brief investment of your time, but if you want even more promotion ask about our Feature Guest Promotion package.

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