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Talking Business and Technology in the ICT on KSUN 95.9

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"Saunders and Cash are true advocates for business in Wichita! Their passion for this community truly comes out in their interviews. The content is authentic and brings to the light the exponential impact the community of Wichita has had on entrepreneurs."
- Jacob Wayman, Wayman Consulting

“Not only was the radio show a great experience, they offered us great advice on promoting and growing our business."

- M.A.D. Ad Company

"Being on the Saunders and Cash show is a wonderful experience! They really put me at ease and made being on the radio for the first time a lot of fun. It was so natural to carry on a conversation, I forgot I was being recorded! You could say, they made me "look" good - their interview style brought out the message I wanted to convey as a guest on their show. I really appreciate all that they're doing for the entrepreneurial community and being a part of that is exciting!" - Connie Porazka, Retreat to Joy

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Saunders and Cash are just two guys interested in promoting business and technology in the Greater Wichita Area.  We do that by bringing to our talk show the best, most talented young professionals and business people in the area to talk success stories about starting and growing businesses in this area.

We will be featuring networking events, interviews and opportunities to learn more about starting and growing a business  right here in Wichita.

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Hey! Got questions about the show, guest interviews, want to be a guest?
 Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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